Product Review: Beardbrand Tea Tree Beard Oil and Mustache Wax

This is the first of hopefully many reviews that I will write about men’s grooming products.
I’ve decided to do product reviews because I take very good care of my beard and actually enjoy the grooming process. I am also a stylist and work with Aveda products and  have knowledge of hair and beard care. I solicited products from a variety of companies. I didn’t pay for this product but I hope to be objective in my review.
The following in my review of  Beardbrand’s Tea Tree Beard Oil and Tea Tree Mustache Wax.
Beardbrand Minimalist's Kit

Beardbrand Minimalist’s Kit

I reviewed the company in four areas: 1. Customer Service, 2. Product Quality and Value, 3. Does it do what they say it does? 4. Overall Rating.1. Customer Service: A+
From the minute I contacted Beardbrand about doing a review of their products, Jenny was a rockstar. Polite, helpful and quick to respond to each correspondence. Their website, videos and products can be easily researched online. The products arrived in 2 days. Call me a marketing victim, but both products were  in cool, easy to read packing with modern graphics. I also received a sticker and a groovy button.

2. Product Quality and Value: B+

Beardbrand's Way (Per the video)

Beardbrand’s Way (Per the video)

Using Beardbrand in My Normal Daily Routine

Using Beardbrand in My Normal Daily Routine

My Normal Daily Routine

My Normal Daily Routine



















Week 1: I gave up all of my usual grooming products and used only Beardbrand products. I used the product exactly how Eric shows on the video below. After I showered, I rubbed a dime size amount onto my finger tips and rubbed it vigorously onto the skin beneath my beard and the beard itself. The blend of jojoba, grapeseed, almond and castor oils spread over my beard easily. The scent: a mix of tea tree, vanilla and peppermint essential oils, made my skin feel tingly and I liked that it  mellowed quickly to an aroma that whoffeded up only when I rubbed my beard with my hands. I usually wear my beard curly, not brushed to its massive fullness. Beardbrand made my beard full, massive and health looking, but not baby soft and definitely not curly. It was a tiny bit oily on the skin for me, but I have extremely oil skin. This would be awesome if your skin was dry or a bit irritated.

Week 2: This week I used all of my normal grooming products, but I substituted my usual beard oil with Beardbrand’s Tea Tree Beard Oil. The results were great. Not as baby soft and not a curly as I usually wear it but more lumberjackish, full, stout and girthy. It actually made my beard look larger. Another bonus: I felt more comfortable letting people touch my beard. I never let people touch my beard because it pulls out the curl.
I used the Beardbrand’s Tea Tree Mustache Wax each day to curl my mustache. Easy to use, stays put. If the curl gets destroyed somehow, its easy to re-curl. WARNING for those that live in extreme summer heat: When it got 108 outside it lost its holding power. But you can’t blame the wax for that. I will be buying more of this wax for when the weather cools back down. Besides that small hiccup I think it’s one of the best waxes I’ve ever used.
3. Did it do what it says it does?: B
I felt like I excepted more moisturizing effects than I got. I love the scent, weight and the sheen it gave my beard.
4. Overall Rating: A-
Great logo’s and collateral material, awesome customer service, easy to maneuver website and great products.
Thank you to Jenny and the Beardbrand team.
Beardbrand Tea Tree Beard Oil

Beardbrand Tea Tree Beard Oil

Beardbrand Tea Tree Beard Oil,1 fl.oz. – $24.99

Beardbrand Tea Tree Mustache Wax

Beardbrand Tea Tree Mustache Wax

Beardbrand Tea Tree Mustache Wax, .15 oz. – $6.99

To purchase these and other Beardbrand products visit :

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