The Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos elicit a response from everyone. I personally am in love with the idea of a neck tattoo on myself. I like it’s bold, unwavering statement that I know who I am. I see tattoo for exactly what they are ART. Body modifications align us to our tribe whether we like it or not they do. Skulls and cross bones, roses, portraits, eagles etc. All lend themselves to setting us apart from the crowd but align us with group or section of a subculture. How does one go about creating a truly personal, totally individualized and unique statement? Well, I’m not sure I just know that anything that goes on my body has to tell the story of my journey, of my loves and who I am. I am currently designing a chest and neck piece that I believe does that. But then again so did Patrick Brooks! (See Last Image)

tat tat2 tat3 tat4 tat5 tat6 tat7 tat8

Patrick Brooks

Patrick Brooks


Men’s Neck Tattos Ideas . com



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