Let the Mod Cabin Rock Your Beard!

Reviewing products has given me an understanding of what I expect from and like in a beard grooming product. I like my beard to be softer to the touch after use. I want products that penetrate the hair shaft and don’t sit on top and make it greasy or oily. Scent is important. Too much scent and it can irritate the skin. Quality of ingredients. Packaging is important.

I review products in 4 categories:  1. Customer Service, 2. Product Quality and Value, 3. Does it do what they say it does? 4. Overall Rating.

I received my package from Mod Cabin almost 3 months ago. Why did I take so log to write a review? I forgot. I forgot that I was using it on a trial basis. I forgot that I was supposed to be taking notes, images and reviewing the products. It has become such a staple in my grooming routine I forgot that everyone doesn’t already use it.

Mod Cabin’s products arrived in impressive packaging, great for gift giving. It was filled with the Grooming Oil Tester Vials, the Miner’s Mint Aftershave, the Backwoods Beard Balm, and the Birch Tar Soap. The look is cool, unassuming and masculine, with clean black and white labeling that’s easy to read.

Grooming Oil Tester Vials

Grooming Oil Tester Vials: 5, .5 oz vials in a brown paper box.  All natural ingredients. Each oil consists of argan oil, jojoba oil and a blend of essential oils that give then each their own personality. Wanderlust, Vagabond, Ridge Runner, Miner’s Mint and my favorite, Gunbarrel. Each scent is unique and not to strong to wear all day. They are non-greasy and absorb quickly into your beard and skin. Awesome products. $40.00



Backwood’s Beard Balm:  A 2 oz tin filled with another product that makes up my new daily routine. 100% natural ingredients. Shea Butter,  Beeswax, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil. Lightly scented with pure cedarwood, fir and vetiver essential oils. $23.00


Miner’s Mint Aftershave: A 4 oz. bottle containing Aloe Vera Juice, Witch Hazel (alcohol free) and a blend of essential oils. Since I have a beard and only shave a few small areas of my face and neck I use it every morning on my face to close pores and moisturize. $20.00


Birch Tar Soap: This bar soap is heavily scented with wild harvested, smokey birch tar essential oil which smells like a deep woods campfire. Made with 100% natural ingredient including  olive oil, coconut oil, and castor bean oil. No palm oil is used in Mod Cabin soap. I use it to shave the areas I shave and to wash my beard. $14.00

Mod Cabin Rating:

1. Customer Service, A

2. Product Quality and Value, A

3. Does it do what they say it does? A+++

4. Overall Rating. A+


Visit the Mod Cabin and see how good these products are for yourself.


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