An Interview with Matthew Morris – Men’s Hair Styling

In my eyes Matthew Morris is the expert in men’s hairstyling. Winner the inaugural Men’s Hairstyling category at NAHA. His entry this year was amazing. I’m inspired by Matthew and love to see the styles he creates.

MEN_Matthew_Morris_Image_1 MATTHEW MORRIS MEN_Matthew_Morris_Image_2

Q: Congratulations your win last year in the new category of Men’s Hairstylist of the Year.  Winning the inaugural sets you as the base from which to judge all others. Did you realize that last year
A: Winning the inaugural Men’s award was spectacular because I’ll be the only person who owns that. However, I feel that all the categories have morphed over the years and someone is always raising the bar. The work should only get better from here.
Q: How did you prepare for this years shoot and how did it differ from last year?
A: Preparing for this years shoot was similar in the fact that I wanted B&W photography as I feel it lends itself to men’s grooming, adding that much needed masculine edge. I wanted to use the same photographer, Jordan Holloway because his ability to bring out the best shot a guy can possibly have is impeccable. His knack for keeping it raw but still hair-oriented (without looking too ‘hairdresser-y) is beyond. Also styling them in classic, everyday clothing that adds to their masculinity and doesn’t take over. The hairstyling, however took on a much looser feeling than last year and there was something late 80’s, early 90’s about it when we were done.  There were many other shots that were great from the collection but the two entries we decided upon were the one that was nominated, and another that was much more perfectly groomed that took on a 50’s greaser vibe.
Q: In 2005 you won Editorial Stylist of the Year at NAHA. How different is Editorial styling and Men’s styling?
A:  To me, there’s no difference. My philosophy in hairstyling is that it should be complementary to the subject or model. That keeps the photo balanced. It doesn’t always have to be about you. Being quiet can be very powerful.
Q: Tools are important in hairstyling. What are your favorite tools?
A:  My men’s handle-less Mason Pearson, Men’s Dept and Baxter products, and water are my best friends.
 Q: Which male celebrity has the best and worst hair?
A: Right now, everyone’s gagging over Jared Leto and his pretty hair. Mostly women…. Guys (and I) like his hair when it’s in the oh-so popular man-bun better than when its down. You have to have a masculine face (facial hair helps) to pull this off. Or be Jared Leto. Also, Matt Bomer has fantastic perfectly groomed wavy hair.  Since the side part and ‘undercut’ is everywhere now, the pendulum must swing. And I welcome it. As for hair that was a miss this year, Adam Levine, you are not Ryan Gossling. Keep the dark hair, please.
Q: Tell me what NAHA means to you.
A: NAHA is a great platform for elevating your career and exposing you to opportunities you might not be aware of. NAHA is an honor to be a part of.

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