Paris Welcomes The Eroticized Aesthetic of Robert Mapplethorpe



If I had been born one hundred or two hundred years ago, I might have been a sculptor,
but photography is a very quick way to see, to make a sculpture.
Robert Mapplethorpe

From the 26th of March until the 13th of July 2014, Grand Palais welcomes the art works of the genius erotic photographer with the largest museum retrospective that features a selection of 250 shots. This exhibition proposes an insight into the arty New York of the 1970 – 1980s and offers a fresh outlook on his illuminating work.

Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert MapplethorpeRobert_MapplethorpeOur voyage through the largest museum retrospective, dedicated to the dark angel of beauty, began in black and white space that later transformed into a world of vibrant colours. This collection features 250 images of Mapplethorpe’s entire works and periods, which clearly portray different influences with the main focus on photography, sexuality and the body. According to

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