The Wonderful World of Wet Shaving…

Best shave of your life…a wet shave.

The Classy Greaser

I know what your thinking. “What the hell is Wet Shaving? Isn’t every shave I do ‘Wet’? Why is this greaser talking about shaving?” Well I’ll answer those questions in a bit.

Wet Shaving is an old school method of shaving that dates back to the early 20th century (I’m just guessing). It requires the use of a Double/Single Edge Safety razor (or straight), Shave brush, Soap or cream, and if you prefer, a bowl. You wet the brush, whip up the soap/cream, put on face and shave with little pressure. Its easy and feels great.


This is my main set up

Wet shaving now days is meant for saving money and provide a great close shave leaving the skin baby smooth. I first started wet shaving for the money aspect and to find a means of shaving that didn’t result in me getting razor rash every time i shaved…

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