A Guys Lesson In Layering

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I am a huge fan of layering….if you’ve ever been on my Instagram or looked at my Benstagrams on the side of this site you can see it, I love it. I have had a few of my friends ask me how to layer because they sometimes don’t know what to do with a cardigan and a jacket or even begin to figure how to do it in a away that looks good. I will say from a stylists perspective it’s one of the easiest things to do and is a great way to add dimension to your outfit, so lets get started.

 1. Color and Prints

Color can be the downfall to any layered look…that and prints, they are the 2 components of any look and trust they can go from killer and stylish look to sweet jesus why did you go through your uncles 70s wardrobe?! I prefer…

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