Magical Mt. Shasta – Monks, Mandalas and Singing Bowls

Adam, Corina and I took our new friends Carol and Alex to Mt. Shasta Saturday to experience the dissolution of a sacred sand mandala that a group of Tibetan monks from Gaden Shartse Monaster had created. The mandala took the monks 8 days and 125 hours to complete. Breathtaking is the only word one could use to explain this gorgeous piece of art. The event was hosted by the Mount Shasta Friends of Tibetan Culture. The 30 minute ceremony was punctuated by chanting, prayer, song and  an invocation to protect and spiritually cleanse our water, nature and selves. Toward the end of the ceremony during the invocation one of the monks drew with an open hand through the mandala while chanting a prayer. Afterward the monks gathered to sweep the sand together and distribute in small bags of the dissolved mandala to each of us. The remaining sand will be placed in the headwaters of the Sacramento River with prayers of rain and healthy water for the north state.

We then walked about downtown Mt. Shasta, had a Bowl of Soul at YAKS. Whenever we visit Mt. Shasta I have to visit The Crystal Room(s). On this visit Beverly Ann Wilson the owner and crystal bowl master alchemist  invited us back for a private session with the crystal singing bowls. Beverly spent almost an hour with us playing and explaining the bowls, the properties and what we were feeling. Unbelievably amazing time spent with this amazing lady. Thank you Beverly and your incredible staff.

What a beautiful day spent with my family. Thanks gang.



shasta 2









The Crystal Rooms

Gaden Shartse Site

Tibetan Monks


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