Beard Lovin’

facial hairI’ve been growing my beard for a little over a year now and I loving sporting facial hair but a full beard isn’t any facial hair. It’s kind of a religion. It gives you an instant connection with other men and I rarely pass another great looking beard that we don’t at least give each other a knob or more often a comment or even a lengthy conversation. Women love beards! Women want to touch it and they are not shy about asking. I always say “yes” because, I love the reaction. Yeah, it’s usually the same thing each time, “Wow, it’s soft!” And immediately they ask “why, how and what”. I’m happy to tell them. I work as a hair stylist and makeup artist and love to educate people about this industry and the products I know about. I work at an Aveda salon and even if I didn’t I’d use Aveda products. Back to the beard. I take better care of my beard then my hair on top of my head. I use the following products and would like to rave about Aveda’s – “NEW” Dry Remedy Moisturing Oil.

Aveda – Damage Remedy Shampoo

Aveda – Damage Remedy Conditioner

Aveda – “NEW” Dry Rememdy Moisturizing Oil

avedaIt’s 99.9% naturally derived, with the hydrating power of buriti oil. Buriti oil is extracted from the fruit of the Motiche palm. Buriti oil is an orange-reddish oil extracted from the fruit of the moriche palm. The oil contains high concentrations of beta-carotene (a powerful antioxidant known to protect against sun damage), vitamin C content, and vitamin A and E. Doesn’t contain silicone.

I use it on many of my clients, male and female. It protects, controls frizz and softening hair with moisturizing oils. Argan move out of the way!


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