Haute Art: the art of Aron Demetz

Aron Demetz, Artist.aron3

Wood sculptures and fine art aren’t usually used in the same sentence especially here in Northern California. I’ve followed the works on Aron Demetz since I first saw “inverno” in early 2006.aron 1This hauntingly peaceful piece with it’s adolescent boys body and angelic face reminded me of the gentleness of gender and androgyny in us all. Demetz’s wood carvings are precise and often mistaken as ceramic because of the perfection that Demetz creates.aron6 aron7 aron8

Now take these stunning pieces and light it on fire. The results are breathtaking, alive and so deeply moving you almost for get you’re looking at a sculpture. Demetz pieces are so compelling you may find yourself talking to these cinder soaked figures.

AronBurningMan aron4 aron5 aron 2

See Aron’s site for more.



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