SILHOUETTES: The ancient made new again.

Misha Lee,fashion designer, SILHOUETTES Collection
Misha uses the combination of traditional “shadow play” techniques and modern design to achieve her  mixture of classic and  fashion. Highly focused on details in both design and execution, Misha’s uses the elements of paper cutting, window grilles and embroidery to bring her pieces to life.”Shadow play” or “shadow puppetry” is known as the precursor to modern movies. Shadow play is a dramatic storytelling using silhouettes made of animal leather or paper shapes projected onto a white screen. The human performer manipulates the intricately cut character puppets and light source behind the screen while musicians sing and play instruments to tell the story. Opera, storytelling, fine arts, and history come together as one in the shadow plays.


Over than 2000 years ago illness stole the Wu Emperor of the Han Dynasty’s favorite concubine. The loss left the emperor shattered with no desire to reign. One day, a minister happened to see children playing with dolls where the shadows fell vividly on the floor. Inspired by this scene, the smart minister hit upon an idea. He made a cotton puppet of the concubine and painted it lavishly. As night fell, he invited the emperor to watch a rear-illuminated puppet show behind a curtain. The emperor was delighted and took to it from then on. This story recorded in the official history book is believed to be the origin of shadow puppetry.






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